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XR3000 is an optical fiber spectrometer based on asymmetric crossed Czerny-Turner design. Hamamatsu infrared enhanced array CCD is adopted in the detector, and its effective spectrum range is 780nm-1070nm. The spectrometer is mainly used for measuring with 785nm Raman spectrum, which is suitable for qualitative and semi-quantitative Raman spectrum detection.


◆ Compact size: 94×72.5×42mm, weight: only 420g; 

◆ High resolution: resolution of 8-12cm-1

◆ High sensitivity: high performance backlight array CCD; 

◆ Good thermal stability: spectrum wavelength shift<3cm-1@ 0-40nm。


Item Value
Dimensions 94×72.5×42 mm
Weight 420g
Spectrum range 780nm-1070nm(0-3400cm-1
Resolution(FWHM) <0.7nm
Signal-to-Noise 450:1@100ms 85% Full signal
Dark noise ~30RMS@ 100ms
Integration time 8ms-30s
Dynamic range 7800:1@100ms(single acquisition)
Wavelength stability 0.1nm@0-40℃
Entrance slit W25μm,H400μm
Detector Hamamatsu S11510-1106
A/D pixel 16-Bit
Power requirement 220mA@5V
Pixel 2048×64
Interfaces Mini USB
Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 5%-80%

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Micro-Raman Spectrometer MR785

光谱范围:176cm ~ 2900cm-1 激光功率:0mW-300mW 分辨率:9cm-1

Microscopic Raman measurement system is composed of optical fiber spectrometer, Raman stable spectrum laser, Raman probe, LED light source, metallographic microscope and so on. By integrating the spectral module into the microscope, Raman spectrum information can be measured. Compared with the traditional Raman spectrometer, MR Raman spectrometer has the advantages of good reproducibility, fast measurement speed and high sensitivity. It is suitable for solid, powder and liquid samples. The main application fields are biomedical, gemstone identification, nano-materials, macromolecule materials, cell detection and so on.

SEED3000 portable Raman spectromete

光谱范围:176cm ~ 2900cm-1 激光功率:0mW-300mW 分辨率:9cm-1

The SEED3000 portable Raman spectrometer is a compact, cost-effective 785nm spectrometer. Simple structure, rapid detection, can meet the laboratory, field and industrial field and other experimental scenarios. Reserved USB and serial communication, convenient multifunctional system integration. Portable Raman spectrometer is widely used in industries such as food safety, national defense safety, jewelry identification, medicine, etc.


光谱范围:176cm ~ 2900cm-1 激光功率:0mW-300mW 分辨率:9cm-1

The hand-held Raman spectrometer EVA3000PLUS is used in many fields, such as public security, drug fast detection, food safety, jewelry identification, raw material drug detection, biomedical, geological and mineral resources, etc. It integrates automatic calibration, detection, Atlas processing, database retrieval and recognition, and is easy to operate and carry. Rapid detection and analysis of substance components were carried out.

785nm Right angle Raman probe

光谱范围:176cm ~ 2900cm-1 激光功率:0mW-300mW 分辨率:9cm-1

Raman signal enhancement bracket

光谱范围:176cm ~ 2900cm-1 激光功率:0mW-300mW 分辨率:9cm-1

SH-L-EN is an enhanced Raman sample support suitable for 8mm in diameter and 1ml in volume. Its internal configuration concave gold-plated mirror, enhance Raman signal 30%; It's a regular part of the SEED3000 portable Raman spectrometer.

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